30 Day Relationship Prayer Challenge

We have not connected since our “Contemplative Ways blog”  in January/February. I am writing now to encourage you to join those in our community for a 30-day relationship prayer challenge.

We are now entering the half way point in our year where we sometimes need a challenge to remember one of our purposes in prayer. Some possibilities for this monthly prayer relationship challenge:

  • Pray for someone in your family for 30 days. Prayer changes relationships. You may be invited to pray for your spouse or someone else in your family. Watch for the changes God may bring in you as you pray.
  • Pray for relationships in your neighbourhood, your church community or your country or another country.
  • Pray for your personal relationship with God in whatever way you may be invited to do so.
  • Pray for your relationship with yourself where you have been wounded in some way and are being invited to change or heal.
You will need to opt into this challenge in either of two ways. The mobile text version will be operational on June 11th.
  1. Go to your cell phone and text in the word ‘praying’ and send to 75-309. You will receive a message where you will send back an affirmative that you wish to join the prayer challenge. During the 30 days, you will receive a short text daily, reminding you of your pledge to pray and if you wish, you can go to Spiritual Direction to receive the prayer quote of the day.
  1. OR, if you would like to stay with the emails, go to the opt-in box for the prayer challenge. When you opt-in, you will receive an Email where you need to confirm your opt-in to the 30-day challenge. You will receive a daily reminder email with a prayer quote for one month.
As usual it would be great faith builder for others if you participated by letting everyone know (in a confidential kind of way) of the changes you are experiencing in the situation you are praying for. You can do this online on the site. After each quote, there is an opportunity to reply.Reminder that this blog is a shared information blog so if you have a prayer quote that is important to you, please contact me and I will endeavour to use the quote.
Looking forward to your participation. With love and hope for a wonderful 30 days of sensing the presence of God in your relationship concerns in a new way!



For those of you who are choosing the mobile route:

I have not used mobile instead of email to communicate with groups in this way but I notice I like to use texts myself so I am trying this new program out. You will be in my BETA group! We will be in this new adventure together.

Frequently Asked Questions for the mobile texts?

I have a mobile phone but I don’t know how to text?

Press your text icon – then the icon for a new message. At the top of the page see the word ‘To:’ Put in the numbers 75-309. Below that there is a box with the word ‘send’ beside it. You will put the word ‘praying’ in the box. Then press send. You have just sent your first text. Follow the same pattern when you are sending the confirmation email. Any challenges, go to www.spiritual-direction.com and contact me and I will endeavour to further help you in this new adventure.

What does it mean when the first message says that there may be charges involved?

When you receive the message from Signal (that is the name of the mobile program) that says that there may be charges involved, that would be regarding your mobile phone plan and whether or not you currently pay for text messages.

What if I get tired of receiving the messages before the 30 day challenge is up?

Just send to: 75-309 and put the message ‘stop praying’ in the message box and press send. You will not receive any more messages. If you have any trouble with that just go to www.spiritual-direction.com and let me know in the contact me box and I will help you.


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